Rs 100 Prize Bond List, Draw & Schedule

Rs 100 Prize Bonds are issued by the Pakistani Government. If you are putting your money on the prize bonds of Pakistani Government, you know the fact that you’ll be rewarded with money if in case your prize bond is among the lucky winners. 

To get the reward, you must go through whole process of claiming your winning amount.

Rs 100 prize bond draw is held every 3 months. There are 3 prizes rewarded to the owners of prize bonds. 1st prize is won by only 1 lucky prize bond and he’s rewarded with Rs 700,000. 

The 2nd Prize of Rs 100 Prize bond has 3 lucky winners and the second prize is Rs 200,000. 

Around 1200 winners are rewarded with the 3rd prize in every 3 months.  The third prize of the prize bond is Rs 1000 each. 

As per the Policy of Pakistani Government 15% of the winning amount will be charged to Tax Filers and around 30% of the winning amount will be charged to non-tax filers.

This page contains Rs 100 Prize Bond results. You can keep yourself updated to the schedule of Rs 100 prize bond and any new update regarding the winning list through our website. 

Below this is the complete list of Rs 100 Prize bond and you can search for your bond numbers.

All the lists of Rs 100 prize bond will be updated on the same day the Govt of Pakistan announce the lucky prize bond winners. Keep following our page.  

Rs 100 Prize Bond List & Schedule

Draw BondDateCity
29Rs.10017 Feb 2023Peshawar
30Rs.10015 May 2023Lahore
31Rs.10017 Aug 2023Quetta
32Rs.10016 Nov 2023Faisalabad