Rs 40,000 Premium Prize Bond List, Draw & Schedule

Rs 40000 Prize bond is the biggest prize bond that are issued by the Pakistani Government and it is called premium prize bond. You can invest in Rs 40,000 premium prize bond list if you’re interested as this bond has the biggest prize as compared to other bonds in the market.

Currently the issuing of bonds is on hold by the State bank. Those who already had prize bonds can still win the prizes. You’ve to go to a procedure to collect a prize that will be guided by the state bank.

Rs 40,000 premium prize bond list draw is conducted only once in every 3 months and they reward the lucky winners with 3 different prizes. Only 1 person wins the first prize and the amount of the prize is 80 million Rs. The 2nd prize is won by 3 lucky prize bonds and the amount that is given to the winner is 30 million Rs.

The 3rd prize has around 1696 winners and each winner gets RS 500,000 as a cash prize. These winnings are excluded of tax. Around 15% of the amount will be deducted from your total winnings if you are a taxpayer and around 30% of the total amount will be deducted if you’re a non tax payer.

On this page you can see all Rs 40,000 Premium prize bond list results and further updates regarding it. Keep following our page to know the prize bond updates and results as soon as Government of Pakistan announces it.

Rs 40,000 Premium Prize Bond Draw List & Schedule

Draw #BondDateCity
13Rs 40,000 Premium 10-June-2023Karachi
14Rs 40,000 Premium 10-Sept-2023Rawalpindi
15Rs 40,000 Premium 10-Dec-2023Hyderabad