Rs 750 Prize Bond List, Draw & Schedule

Pakistani Government issues Rs 750 Prize Bond to the public. If you get lucky and if your prize bond is selected among the other lucky winners, then you’ll be given a cash prize depending upon the prize you’ve won.

To collect the prize, you’ve to follow a procedure that will be a bit hectic for you. Rs 750 Prize bond draw is held once every 3 months on any city of Pakistan.

The draw is held around the 15th date. Rs 750 Prize Bond contains 3 prizes, 1st prize 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. The person who’s lucky enough to win 1st prize is rewarded with Rs 1.5 million.

The 2nd prize can be won by 3 prize bonds and he’s rewarded with Rs 500,000. The 3rd and final prize of 750 Rs prize bond has around 1700 lucky winners and they’re rewarded with Rs 9300.

Every winner has to pay 15% of the winning amount if he’s a tax filer, and 30% of the winning amount if the person is nontax filer.

Below this, you can see the complete Rs 750 Prize Bond List. You’ll be kept updated with the schedule of 750 Rs prize bond on out website. You can search your prize bond numbers and check if you got lucky or not.

The Rs 750 Prize Bond list will be updated after some hours of the complete draw list announced by the Pakistani Government. Those who weren’t lucky this time can try again after 3 months. Keep following our page for further updates.

Rs 750 Prize Bond List & Schedule

Draw BondDateCity
81Rs.750January, 15 2023Karachi
82Rs.750April 15 2023Hyderabad
83Rs.750July 15 2023Muzaffarabad
84Rs.750October 15 2023Lahore