Rs 15000 Prize Bond List, Draw & Schedule

Rs 15000 Prize Bond is the 3rd biggest prize bond that Government of Pakistan issues to local people who’re interested in doing some investment. The government issues the bonds to state bank and state bank issues the bonds to local people. 

If you invest the amount in the bank then obviously you’ll be rewarded with interest, but if you invest your money in prize bonds then you’ll be rewarded with a prize depending upon how much lucky you are.

The amount of cash prize can vary as there are 3 prizes. To collect your cash prize, you’ve to go through a procedure that will be guided by the state bank.

The Government of Pakistan conducts Rs 15000 prize bond once in every 3 months and there are 3 prizes that the bond owners can win.

The first prize of prize bond has 1 winner only and he’s rewarded with 30 million Rs. The 2nd prize has 3 winners and they’re rewarded with 10 million Rs each.

The third prize has around 1700 winners and they’re given a cash prize of Rs 185000. You’ve to pay 15% tax if you’re a tax filer and 30% if you’re a non-tax filer. These amounts will automatically be deducted.

On this page below, you can find the complete Rs 15000 Prize bond list. If you want to know the schedule of the upcoming prize bonds then keep following our website.

We’ll keep you informed with all the updates and will upload the results as soon as the Government announce the draw.

Rs 15000 Prize Bond Draw List & Schedule

Draw # Bond Date City
83 Rs.15000 2 July 2023 Hyderabad
84 Rs.15000 1 Oct 2023 Multan