Rs 7500 Prize Bond List, Draw & Schedule

Rs 7500 Prize bond is the fourth biggest prize bond that are issued by the Pakistani Government.

If you’re willing to invest your money in Rs 7500 prize bond list, then you can get it from the State Bank.

The reward of Rs 7500 Prize bond is a cash prize and it totally depends on what prize you’ve won. To collect the amount, you’ve to go through a procedure that will be guided by the state bank.

Rs 7500 prize bond list draw is conducted only 1 time in every 3 months and they reward the lucky winners with 3 prizes. The first prize is given to only 1 person and the amount of the prize is 15 million Rs.

The 2nd prize is won by 3 lucky prize winners and the amount of prize bond is 5 million Rs. The 3rd prize has around 1700 winners and they’re rewarded with a cash prize of RS 93000.

These winnings are excluded of tax. The Government of Pakistan deducts 15% of the total winnings if you pay tax regularly and they deducts 30% of the total amount if you’re a non tax filer.

Below you can find the complete list of Rs 7500 prize bond. For further updates and schedule, you can keep following our website.

As soon as government of Pakistan announces the results, we post it on our page. If you haven’t won the prize this time, you can try your luck after 3 months

Rs 7500 Prize Bond List Draw & Schedule

Draw # Bond Date City
82 Rs.7500 04-May-2023 Peshawar
83 Rs.7500 03-Aug-2023 Faisalabad
84 Rs.7500 02-Nov-2023 Karachi