What to do if You Actually Win Prize Bond

Prize Bond is like a lottery in Pakistan that gives you an opportunity to win every 3 months. The only difference between a lottery and a prize bond is that prize bonds remain with you forever, and the lottery is for 1 time only.

The main question which comes to the mind of the winners that what to do if you actually win Prize Bond. If you win the first or second prize of a significant prize bond, then there is a chance that you’ll go from being a middle-class person to a rich person in a few seconds.

If you take the correct steps, these winnings can change the complexion of your whole life. If you don’t take the proper steps, then there is a chance that you’ll lose all the money in one go. As per reports, every 1 person in 3 prize bond winners loses money without spending it wisely. 

Tips You Should Keep in Mind After Winning Prize Bond

Avoid telling anyone about your winnings

The first thing you should keep in mind is don’t tell anyone about your winnings if you don’t want to lose all your money. Pakistan is famous for kidnappers and thieves.

Avoid telling your boss, your neighbors, and even your relatives because no one can be trusted in this sensitive situation. The only person who should know about your winnings is your spouse.

If you tell everyone about your prize bond winnings, the most dangerous people who can harm you are kidnappers who’ll force you for ransom, your relatives who’ll give you stupid ideas for investing in a business that will guarantee go down, and last but not the least, the thieves who’ll steal all your winnings. 

Stay in touch with a Lawyer and Financial Advisor

The first thing you should you after winning the massive amount in prize bond is to hire a reputed lawyer. The lawyer will deal with the outside affairs for you about winnings and taxes etc.

Secondly, you should hire a financial advisor who’ll advise you with all his knowledge of what is the best place to invest your money. 

Keep Some Money for Retirement


Put aside some of your prize bond winnings for the time when you’ll be old and planning to retire. These winnings will be multiplied 10 times if you keep it till your retirement age.

Learn to Say “No”


People who’re close to you will try to take advantage by insisting you give them some money after knowing that you’ve won a huge amount.

Some will even try to manipulate you or emotionally blackmail you, but you’ve to say no to everyone. If you give away all the money, then you won’t leave with any money.

Final Words

Only 4 people are rewarded with 1st and 2nd prize every 3 months. If you are among the lucky 4 people, then please spend the money wisely, or the Prize Bond is of no use.

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